BG001-Initial Setup: France

In the west, France will face a German who – at least from the AI – is highly unlikely to attack before France has a chance to add builds. Thus the setup is very basic, with a single line using a 3-5 Armor to defend the center of the Maginot Line. Many times the computer – and other live players – will leave that hex empty. I understand the thought process and the idea of doubling up the line early. However there are two other considerations for this game. 

First, I limit the BEF to no more than 3 Factors in France before 1941. This better reflects the actual British presence in France before June 1940 and forces France to contribute better to her defense. I’ve seen French players throw the dice and try to put virtually everything in the Colonies in the 50/50 shot that they’ll come up Free. They also know that if they don’t go Free, the units are virtually stuck in Africa due to a lack of SR and overall usefulness. But in doing so they rely heavily on Britain to slow down Germany in France. In a face to face game I am okay with a player trying this strategy, but since the AI won’t, it’s more or less a moot point.

I could have done that here, but given that the Axis is set to “Challenging,” I didn’t feel like giving them even more BRP’s from a faster fall of France was a prudent thing to do.

We do have to set up against the Italians. A double line will slow them down significantly unless the Germans decide to send Armor to Italy. Again, that is at least a turn away.

Not shown here are the two 2-3 Inf units in the colonies. One in Tunis, the other in Beirut.


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